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In Electronics Area, CEMITEC provides electronic product development solutions and tests and assessmentconsulting for CE Marking. It has the capability to address the complete product development cycle, from concept to industrialisation, offering customised solutions in all the phases each company requires.

CEMITEC has been researching and developing electronic product since 1989 for various sectors and products. Its extensive experience, advanced technological knowledge and leading equipment in its product development and CE Marking laboratories (the latter accredited by National Accreditation Entity, ENAC) make it a reference centre in electronics. Specifically, it has extensive experience in sectors such as vending, domotics, instrumentation, lifting systems, railway, industrial machinery and the automotive industry.

CEMITEC promotes the transfer of knowledge and technology in the development of its projects, so that the customer acquires the knowledge included in the solutions provided.


Electronic Product Development

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Electronic product CE Marking

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