Waste Recovery

Companies have a growing need to minimise the environmental impact of their industrial waste and reduce the costs associated with its management. This can be done through reuse (in the same applications as during its useful life) or material recovery (forming a new raw material or product following treatment and/or transformation of the waste).

CEMITEC has an advisory and development support service oriented towards the exploitation of industrial waste. It has an expert technical team in energy waste characterisation, and provides analysis and testing and services tailored to customer needs:

  • Heat energy
  • Humidity
  • Ashes
  • Chemical composition
  • Energy performance of co-digestion mixes

CEMITEC has experience in the treatment of industrial waste such as:

  • Reinforced polymers: Extraction and separation of materials with high added value.
  • Sludge: Minimisation and reuse.
  • Rubber: Improving the properties of mortars

It provides customised solutions for different sectors: e.g. automotive, construction, furniture, energy, electronics, paper, agri-food, metallurgical and footwear.