Optical Biosensors

Optical biosensors combine the optical properties of nanostructures with the specific recognition provided by biomolecules (e.g. antibodies) for the detection of different species of interest (e.g. chemicals, pathogens and other biomolecules). They have certain advantages over detection tests as they can provide a quantitative and label-free response in real-time.

CEMITEC develops optical biosensors

  • Designs and fabricates nanostructures with specific optical properties
  • Functionalises the nanostructures with appropriate bioreceptors
  • Develops measurement protocols for the detection of substances

CEMITEC has the experience of a team of engineers, chemists and biologists involved in the development from the design to the fabrication and application of the biosensor. It has an ISO-7 cleanroom, chemical laboratory and pathogens P2 class laboratory. Furthermore, as a multidisciplinary technology centre, it addresses these issues from different technological areas (Electronics, Materials, Mechanical and Materials Deposition) that give to the provided solution a higher added value.