Fabrication of Periodic Nanostructures

Industrial applications including optics or photonics benefit from the properties offered by nanostructured surfaces, as they can present antireflective or selectively absorbent properties. Furthermore, these nanostructures can also modify the interfacial properties, and obtain hydrophilic or hydrophobic surfaces, for example.

CEMITEC develops fabrication processes for large area periodic nanostructures (100 x 100 mm2) based on interference lithography. Nanostructures can be fabricated on glass and silicon, among others, for their use as molds or masks in other lithography processes, such as nanoimprint (NIL) or UV-mask.

CEMITEC has a Lloyd’s Mirror set-up to perform the interference lithography, providing a simple way to form a very accurate pattern over large areas in a single step. It also has a team of engineers, chemists and biologists involved in the development from the design to the fabrication and characterisation of the nanostructures.