Roll to roll Nanoimprint Lithography

The maximum area for large area periodic nanostructures is limited due to involved techniques. The semiconductor industry has developed processes to reproduce these nanostructures industrially, but they are not easy to adapt to other sectors.

CEMITEC has a nanostructure replication system on a flexible support on rolls for any type of industry. The main advantages of this system are faster manufacturing, scalability for large surfaces and the potential for integration into existing roll to roll processes.

  • Fabrication of nanostructured molds
  • Development of nanofabrication processes which combine digital printing processes with replication processes (nanoimprint lithography) using UV curing in bovine (NIL-R2R).

CEMITEC has a laboratory scale system to research applications in fields like decorative and security printing, diagnostics or printed electronics. For the fabrication of molds, CEMITEC uses the Lloyd’s Mirror interference lithography technique, which offers a simple way to produce very precise patterns over large areas in a single step. It also has a team of engineers, chemists and biologists involved in the development from the design to the fabrication and characterisation of the nanostructures.