Nanofabrication is the process to create nanoscale structured surfaces for a precise optical performance, like the transmission or reflection of light. Industries such as energy, sensors, optics, photonics, microelectronics and semiconductors and mass data storage are benefiting from these developments, as different functionalities can be obtained: new material properties, more efficient solar cells, more accurate sensors and smaller photonic devices, for example.

CEMITEC designs and fabricates large area periodic nanostructures. Moreover, these nanostructures can be reproduced on flexible supports at low cost.

Nanostructures are designed to fit the needs of each application. Generally, more than one technology is required to achieve the desired result: lithography, ion-etching, electron beam evaporation and other forms of pattern transference are used to modify surface properties and to fabricate innovative products of high added value.

CEMITEC specialises in:

  • Fabrication of periodic nanostructures
  • Roll to roll nanoimprint lithography
  • Optical biosensors