Smart Packaging

Consumers are increasingly evaluating the information that product packaging provides. Following advances in functional printing, packaging can incorporate new features that can, for example, ensure they have maintained the ideal conditions for the product during the supply chain and, therefore, arrives in perfect condition to the consumer.

CEMITEC develops new packaging manufacturing processes and incorporates the functionality desired in each case.

  • Analysis of the current packaging manufacturing process
  • Identification of changes or investment necessary to incorporate the required function
  • Development or identification of the materials needed for packaging manufacturing
  • Development of new validation tools for the new packaging

CEMITEC has the experience of a team of engineers, chemists and biologists involved in the development from concept to production in the pilot roll-to-roll printing plant, which integrates multiple technologies. Furthermore, as it is a multidisciplinary technology centre, it addresses this issue from different technological areas (Electronics, Materials, Mechanical and Materials Deposition) that give the solution provided greater added value.