Printed Electronics

The evolution that has followed the electronics industry has led to the concentration of a large number of functions in the smallest possible space. Lately, however, increasing user interaction with touch screens, increasingly larger displays, sensors and antennas require increasing larger electronic surfaces, for which printed electronics is suggested by some as the best alternative.

CEMITEC develops electronics manufacturing processes using functional printing:

  • New printing tools: Functional Inkjet. Adapted to digital additive manufacturing and industry 4.0.
  • Functional materials for use in traditional printing tools (screen, flexo and gravure).

CEMITEC has the experience of a team of engineers, chemists and biologists involved in the development from concept to production in the pilot roll-to-roll printing plant, which integrates multiple technologies. Furthermore, as it is a multidisciplinary technology centre, it addresses this issue from different technological areas (Electronics, Materials, Mechanical and Materials Deposition) that give the solution provided greater added value.