Printed Biosensors

The main scope of this activity is to develop biosensors manufactured by means of functional printing methods. These methods allow a reduction of product cost and size. We are focused on several detection technologies such as electrochemical sensors, colorimetrics or immunoassays for a broad set of chemical or biological analytes (e.g. pH, glucose, bacteria, allergens, etc.). However other biological detection techniques are not unfamiliar for us.

CEMITEC Materials Deposition Area staff comprises a multidisciplinary team of chemist, chemical-engineers, biologist and technicians. This allows us to address the tasks from a holistic point of view and regarding, from the very beginning, all the product development process from the design to the manufacturing. Our main goal is to add value to the customer’s products. The usual activity workflow is:

• Identification of the issue addressed by the customer.
• Identification of the best way to solve it.
• Design of a printed biosensor suitable for the application.
• Design of the manufacturing process.
• Biosensor testing
• Pre-Industrial Scale Manufacturing

CEMITEC have suitable facilities for this purposes such as a pilot printing plant, cleanroom ISO-7, chemistry laboratory and a biosafety laboratory (BSL-2).