Nanocellulose and other nanomaterials

Companies from different sectors need to improve their products and provide them with new properties. One way to achieve this is by adding nanomaterials.

Nanocelluloses are extracted from cellulose in the form of nanocrystals and nanofibres, with both forms being characterised by their lightness and high mechanical performance. Also, being of natural origin, they are biodegradable.

CEMITEC is an expert technology centre in:

  • The selection and extraction of nanocelluloses
  • Adaptation and modification of nanocelluloses to give them the desired functionality
  • Making nanocellulose compatible with other materials.

The use of nanocellulose can provide solutions in different sectors

  • Paper: Hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, weight reduction, improved mechanical properties, improved printability, recovery of sub-products
  • Packaging: Improved mechanical properties, material reduction, biodegradability
  • Automotive: Lightweight materials, improved mechanical properties
  • Biomedical: Biocompatible coatings
  • Agrifood: Waste recovery

CEMITEC has worked in the field of nanocellulose since 2009, and has experience in other nanomaterials, such as nanoclays, nanofluids and other nanoparticles (SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2, for example).

Nanoclays are laminated phyllosilicates used to improve polymer properties such as mechanical strength, flame retardation and barrier properties.

Nanofluids are fluids doped with nanoparticles to modify or enhance intrinsic the properties of these fluids. In sectors such as electronics and energy, they are used to facilitate heat dissipation

CEMITEC has a nanotechnology expert multidisciplinary team capable of responding to the needs of its customers and bring advanced technology solutions.