Functional inks

The need for high performance and low-cost products in sectors such as electronics, packaging and the automotive industry has led to increased demand for new printable materials, also known as functional inks.

CEMITEC develops functional inks (which are conducting, insulators catalytic, for example) for the right solution for each sector:

  • Electronic Industry: printed circuit boards, RFID antennas, capacitors
  • Packaging: Smart labels, thermal sensors
  • Domestic appliances: Touchpads
  • Energy: batteries or printed batteries
  • Catalytic processes

CEMITEC is a leading technology centre in the formulation and evaluation of inks and pastes with different functionalities. It has knowledge and experience in the use of the nano/micro particles (e.g. copper, ITO, tin and various oxides) necessary to obtain functional inks. CEMITEC has the technical resources for formulating inks and industrial scale printing technologies available (inkjet, screen printing, intaglio and flexography) for validating the final result of the inks.