Functional composites and polymers

Polymeric materials with better performance are increasingly demanded by industry.

To meet this market need, CEMITEC develops enhanced polymer materials with new properties by incorporating additives (conventional or nanoadditives) to the material.

CEMITEC has extensive experience in:

  • Selecting a suitable additive.
  • Modifying and/or adapting the additive to give it the desired functionality and ensure compatibility with the polymer.
  • Incorporation and dispersion of the additive in the polymer (by extrusion or internal mixing, for example) for functional validation of the composite.

Examples of properties obtained are: weight reduction, improved biodegradability, improved barrier properties, improved mechanical properties, new formulations for extrusion products, improved weather resistance, improved adhesive properties and high temperature resistance.

CEMITEC is an expert in additives, such as nanoparticle oxides (SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2, for example), nanocellulose and nanoclays. It has an expert multidisciplinary team in materials and nanotechnology able to respond to market needs and to propose customised technological and advanced solutions for different sectors, such as automotive, wind, energy, agri-food, packaging, domestic appliances and construction.