Functional coatings and paints

Companies in sectors such as wind, automotive, domestic appliances and construction use coatings and paints in their products to improve or provide new features for them; in many cases with the premise that no significant changes are made in their industrial application processes (e.g. using sprays or curtains).

CEMITEC improves the properties of paints and coatings and obtains new features for them by:

  • Selecting a suitable additive.
  • Modifying and/or adapting the additive (e.g. via surfactants, dispersants or by chemical functions) to give it the desired functionality and ensure compatibility with the paint.
  • Incorporating them in the paint, applying the coating and assessing them afterwards.

CEMITEC has experience in the development and evaluation of paints and coatings using either conventional additives or nanoadditives (e.g. oxide nanoparticles, nanocellulose or nanoclays). Many types of paints and coatings have been developed: hydrophobic, hydrophilic, anti-ice, easy cleaning (self-cleaning), anti-bacterial, anti-abrasion and anti-erosion.

CEMITEC has a multidisciplinary team expert in materials and nanotechnology capable of responding to the needs of its customers to bring advanced technology solutions.