Electronic products CE mark: Testing and Consulting

All products marketed in the European Union must have the CE mark. For an electrical or electronic product, this means the manufacturer or company entering it on the market must ensure it meets applicable standards.

CEMITEC offers consulting and testing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical Safety (ES) and Environmental Testing

CEMITEC offers consulting and testing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical Safety (ES) and Environmental Testing for certification in the industrial electronics and consumer products field, as well as making the process of company self-certification easier for its CE mark.

  • Standards and Regulations Consulting: CEMITEC advises companies on the European directives applying to each product and determines the standards associated with the corresponding directives. This gives the manufacturer the relevant information for both the design and process for certification of its product.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety Consulting: Throughout the electronic products development cycle to ensure compliance with the final product.
    • Technical specifications and functional characteristics according to the directives and regulations that apply. CEMITEC makes design recommendations in the initial phases of the project to achieve the optimum product solution ensuring final compliance.
    • Prototype verification tests (pre-certification) performed to diagnose equipment compliance status and solve design problems early; with more efficient solutions at a lower cost than performing them after the design is finalised. CEMITEC proposes customised pre-certification testing according to the equipment features and to comply with the regulations.
    • Support in the design phases is provided by CEMITEC to collaborate with customers in establishing the circuit diagrams, PCB design, component selection, system architecture, cabling, envelope design and software configurations to prevent from EMC and ES problems.
    • Customised testing plan:
      • Electric Compatibility (EMC)
      • Electric Safety (SES)
      • Environmental Testing
  • EMC and ES diagnosis and troubleshooting to find out the causes of problems and design guidelines and solutions to solve them.
  • Testing certificate report accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity).

In addition to having laboratories accredited by ENAC to help companies in CE mark self-certification, CEMITEC has a large team of technologists with extensive experience in the development of electronic products for various industries and products.