Real-Time Systems

Sectors such as machine tools or industrial electronics incorporate products with process control systems, interaction with the environment or motion control with strict real-time requirements and latencies that have to be less than 1ms.

CEMITEC has responded to this need by developing microcontroller-based solutions and FPGA-based OS (Operating System) ones in real time or ones without an operating system, depending on its software complexity, which ensures these maximum response time requirements.

CEMITEC has extensive experience in developing electronic control products for demanding sectors such as railways, machine tools and banks; and has developed products such as switchboards, safety sensors and cash handling devices.
It has been researching and developing electronic products since 1989 for various sectors and products. Its extensive experience, advanced technological knowledge and leading equipment in its product development and CE mark laboratories (the latter accredited by National Accreditation Entity, ENAC) make it a reference centre in electronics.