Low Cost Digital Systems

Electronic products with production volumes exceeding 1k/year required optimised designs in product cost. This happens especially in sectors such as domestic appliances, automated systems and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. CEMITEC develops optimised digital systems to suit customer needs:

Custom hardware design under product specification for control systems and consumer and industrial electronic monitoring, integrating sensors, performance, power supply, processing and communication.

Design software at a low level without an operating system for strictly real-time applications and/or very limited resources.

CEMITEC has been researching and developing electronic products since 1989 for multiple sectors and products. Its extensive experience, advanced technological knowledge and leading equipment in its product development and CE mark laboratories (the latter accredited by National Accreditation Entity, ENAC) make it a reference centre in electronics. Specifically, it has extensive experience in sectors such as vending, automation, instrumentation, lifting systems, railways, industrial machinery and the automotive industry.