High Performance Digital Systems

Many sectors and products require high performance digital systems, as is the case with products with advanced instrumentation, sensor-based imaging, ultrasound, acceleration; products that involve audio and video management in real time; and products incorporating 2D and 3D high resolution user interfaces.

CEMITEC develops high performance digital systems for:

Custom hardware design based on multicore platforms with high-speed interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and LVDS.

Software design based on operating systems and function libraries for high level embedded systems, such as signal processing and user interface.

CEMITEC has extensive experience in the development of electronic products: high-resolution image capture and processing, terahertz-based instrumentation and multimedia processing in real time. It has been researching and developing electronic products since 1989 for various sectors and products. Its extensive experience, advanced technological knowledge and leading equipment in its product development and CE mark laboratories (the latter accredited by National Accreditation Entity, ENAC) make it a reference centre in electronics. Specifically, it has extensive experience in sectors such as vending, automation, instrumentation, lifting systems, railways, industrial machinery and the automotive industry.