Advanced User Interfaces

Complex software needs related to user interfaces have appeared in all sectors. Current technology is better positioned to meet this demand based on using the Linux operating system optimised for embedded systems.

CEMITEC develops Human Machine Interface (HMI) custom applications with the Linux operating system optimised for embedded systems, from low resolution screens of 2″ up to 4K resolutions, based on high level graphics libraries such as QT. It also integrates touch systems from resistive to projected capacitive multitouch.

CEMITEC has been researching and developing electronic products since 1989 for various sectors and products. Its extensive experience, advanced technological knowledge and leading equipment in its product development and CE mark laboratories (the latter accredited by National Accreditation Entity, ENAC) make it a reference centre in electronics. Specifically, it has extensive experience in this field in developing HMIs for applications in railways, vending, instrumentation, special equipment and home automation.