Electronic product development

Industry in general has a growing need to incorporate electronics in its products and processes either to perform added functions or to optimise product costs.
CEMITEC develops embedded electronic products, which are customisable electronic devices developed with the components required to meet the specific features in each case.

Development cycle

CEMITEC cubre el ciclo completo de desarrollo:

Product Concept

Establishing the electronic product to be developed via product ideas, strategic forecasting and analysis of the technical and economic viability of a new product.

Establishing specification

Collection of information relevant to start product design via product technical specifications, objective cost, hardware and software features and validation and industrialisation process establishment.

Functional design

Product hardware and software design, simulation and thermal optimisation.

Virtual prototyping

Electronic product virtual model via a computational model to verify the technical and functional characteristics virtually; thus minimising costs and development time.

Functional prototype

Physical prototype of the product which is tested and checked to ensure compliance with the objective specifications. Prototype validation.

Pre-series certification

Consulting and special testing of product for CE mark via Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical Safety (ES) and Environmental Testing.


CEMITEC specialises in the following solutions:

As well as a large team of technicians experienced in hardware and software in many sectors and products, it has a laboratory to perform CE Mark tests.