Structural Components and Systems

As a result of the continuous adaptation and renewal of its product portfolio, companies need to improve product quality and optimise time and costs related to the development phase.

CEMITEC develops the full product cycle of design, calculation, simulation and optimisation while working directly with customers and suppliers, to respond to the needs of its customers and their specifications:

  • Conceptual and detailed design.
  • Analysis of the behaviour of mechanical components to different static, dynamic and fatigue loads.
  • Analysis of the dynamic behaviour of mechanical systems (multibody).
  • Fluid dynamic, thermal and vibration complementary analysis for a more accurate knowledge of the behaviour of components and systems.
  • Optimisation of components based on cost, manufacturability, weight, mechanical performance and durability, for example.

CEMITEC has wide experience in the design, analysis and optimisation of components and mechanical, fluid and thermal systems for various sectors and industrial products. Specifically, it has worked in the following sectors: automotive, renewable energy, railway, agri-food, machinery, casting, home appliances, industrial refrigeration and vending. Furthermore, as a multidisciplinary technology centre, it addresses this issue from different technological areas (Materials and Mechanics) which give the solution provided greater added value.