Predictive Analytics

The increasing volume and variety of information on digital databases has grown dramatically in the last decade. Much of this information is historical, and represents transactions or situations that have occurred. Apart from its function as the “memory” of an organisation, the historical information itself can be useful in predicting future information.

CEMITEC makes forecasts or predictions from historical and current company information by combining statistical modelling techniques, machine learning and data mining:

  • Selects, filters and debugs data
  • Develops techniques and customised analytical methodologies to derive high quality information from the data
  • Develops and builds customised predictive tools

Within the mechanics area, CEMITEC has a team of experts in predictive modelling aimed at improving product design and quality, with rapid prototyping and a deep knowledge of production processes. Furthermore, as it is a multidisciplinary technology centre, it addresses these issues from different technological areas (Electronics, Mechanical, Materials and Materials Deposition) which gives the solution provided greater added value.