Fluid Mechanics and Microfluids

Products containing a fluid component are increasingly in demand for their weight reduction, energy efficiency and increased performance (in terms of noise, vibration, cavitation, pressure waves, losses in ducts, temperature and turbulence, for example). To meet these challenges with guarantees requires in-depth knowledge of fluid mechanics and materials science.

CEMITEC develops R & D projects to design and improve fluid components at both a macro and micro scale (microfluid devices), and addresses the mechanical design itself, the fluid dynamics and the materials.

  • Macro scale (fluids): Pumps, cylinders, valves, dampers, extruders, for example
  • Micro scale (microfluids): Fluid devices oriented towards laboratory analysis in sectors such as biomedicine and agriculture, which have special features.

CEMITEC has had a team of experts within the area of mechanics in fluid mechanics providing leading solutions in this field since 2003. It has state-of-the-art equipment for computer simulation and specific test benches. Furthermore, as it is a multidisciplinary technology centre, it addresses these issues from different technological areas (Materials and Mechanics) which gives the solution provided greater added value.