Chemical Engineering

The industry in general and chemistry in particular are engaged in optimising their processes and products. This covers both the energy and environmental aspects, which are much more acute in the chemical industry.

The experimental information the industry has is large and of use, but there are many internal physical parameters (e.g. reagent diffusion, reaction and product diffusion) that are complex or impossible to obtain experimentally and which are key to improvements and optimisation. The development of computer models allows analysis of these internal physical aspects and provides key information for optimisation.

CEMITEC develops complex computer models (multiphysical and chemical) in this area:

  • Catalysts for the automotive industry
  • Auxiliary hydraulic systems and reactors
  • Coating processes: e.g. anodising, chrome plating, phosphating, silver plating and plasma
  • Electrochemical devices: e.g. electrolysers, fuel cells and batteries

CEMITEC has been working since 2003 on the development of computational models. It has extensive experience using various simulation software programs to develop the most appropriate model in each case.