Additives dispenser
Automatic densimeter
Ball mill grinder
Batch (co)digester device
Bench testing (2 + 5 Ton)
Brinell hardness tester
C.S. Leco Analyzer
Carbon residue equipment
Chambers: Salt spray fog, humidity resistance test and SO2
Charpy instrumented pendulum
Climatic Chamber
Color spectrophotometer
Compression molding press
Continuous (co)digester device
Conventional infrared spectrometer (FTIR)
Crack measurement
Creep test machine (Creep)
Cutting grinder (Pilot scale)
DBO5 determination incubator
Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
Digital shore test
Dispermat stirrer
DQO determination
Dynamic test machine
Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS)
Equipment for Cloud Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)
Equipment for copper corrosion determination
Equipment for Flash Point determination
Equipmento for corrosion analysis by voltammetry and impedance
Erichsen test machine
Fatigue test machine (Rotary bending)
FSP reactor
Fusion point determination
Gas chromatograph (GC) with headspace
Gas sampler pump
Hardness testers: Shore, IRHD, Barcol
HDT and VICAT temperature measurement
Heat treatment furnaces
Heterogeneous reactor for transesterification
Homogeneous reactor for transesterification

HRC hardness tester
Humidity measurement device by Karl Fisher
Image analyzer
Impact pendulum
Infrared spectrometer (FTIR) with connected microscopy
Kjeldahl nitrogen distiller
Laboratory processing unit with internal mixed, single-screw extruder and film collection tower
Laser extensometer
Liquid chromatograph (HPLC)
Macrographic equipment
Material combustibility equipment
Mechanical extensometer
Melt Flow Index measuring device
Metallographic microscopes
Metallographic microscopes
MFI determination
Micro – hardness tester
Muffle furnace with N2 atmosphere
N+O Analyzer
Oil extraction equipment
Optical microscope
Overhead mechanical stirrer
Oxidation stability equipment (Rancimat)
Plasma emission spectrometer (ICP)
Portable equipment for metallographic analysis
Portable hardness tester
Portable microscope
Profile projector
Rotational rheometer
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Table Top
Stereoscopic magnifying glass
Strain gauges equipment
Sulphur analyzer for organic liquid samples
Surface tension dynamic measurer
Taber abraser
Tensile test oven
Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA)