Equipment for Electronic Product Development

Functional design

Hardware and software developing tools for 8-, 16- and 32-bit architectures

Software tools for schematic creation

Virtual prototyping

Analog and digital simulation: Pspice

Power electronics simulation: Saber, Power Tool Box (Simulink – Matlab)

Control algorithms simulation: Dspace, Control Tool Box (Simulink – Matlab)

Thermal simulation: Fluent

Functional prototyping

PCB design and manufacturing tools: (Orcad, Cadstar)

Instrumentation (Labview)


Instrumentation for testing and development of electronic product:

Power supply

20 DC power supply units, from devices capable of offering low voltages and very accurate currents as the Agilent E3634A and E3648 models, to the Xantrex XDC60-100, a 6000 W device capable of supplying up to 100 amps. AC Power supply Chroma 61602 model.

3 electronic load

DC electronic load: Chroma 63201
AC and DC electronic load: Höcherl & Hackl ZSAC4244
DC high-speed electronic load Chroma 6334 model
Power Analyzer: Yokogawa PZ4000

10 digital oscilloscope of which highlight

Lecroy 740Zi, 4 channels, 4GHz and 40 GS/s, with 6 GHz active probe
Tektronix TDS7154B, 4 channels, 1.5GHz and 20 GS/s, with 1.5GHz active probe
Tektronix DPO4034, 4 channels, 350 MHz, 2.5 GS/s, with memory for up to 10 Megasamples/channel
Logic Analyzer Tektronix TLA5202
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Agilent 33220A

3 Benchtop Digital Multimeter

Agilent 34401A, Multímetro digital de sobremesa de 6 1/2 dígitos de precisión
Agilent 34411A, Multímetro digital de sobremesa de 6 1/2 dígitos de precisión
Agilent 34420A, medidor de tensión/resistencia de 7 1/2 dígitos de precisión

3 RLC meter, one of them is a Agilent 4263B

Analizador de potencia Yokogawa PZ4000
Analizador Lógico Tektronix TLA5202
Generador de forma de onda arbitraria Agilent 33220A

12 handheld multimeters (portable)

High frequency current probe AC/DC, LEM PR50
Frequency counter/meter/analyzer Fluke PM6690
Thermal imager Fluke TI9
UV exposure unit for 2 side-PCB prototyping BILTRON
Forced convection reflow oven: Technoprint, model HA-08, 3650 W
Vectorial network analyzer Anritsu MS4623B
Vectorial RF Generator Agilent ESG4438C
Handheld spectrum analyzer Anritsu MS2721B

Laboratory for Electronic Product CE marking

Semianechoic Chamber (6,9 x 3,2 x 3,5 metros) for emission and immunity tests in the frequency range of 30MHz to 18GHz a distance of 3 meters
Turntable, Antenna Tower and multi-device positioning controller
EMI Test Receiver for conducted and radiated emission tests
Signal generator and signal amplifiers for radiated immunity tests
Antennas for emission and immunity radiated tests
Perturbation simulator for Conducted RF Immunity tests
Single and three phase LISN for conducted emission tests
Harmonics and Flicker Measurement system
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) simulator system
Burst, Surges and Dips simulator systems
Signal generator and antennas for magnetic emission and immunity tests
Electrical Safety Tester
Accessibility probes
Thermal camera
Temperature measuring equipment
Automatic Dynamometer
Climatics Chambers: temperature, humidity, salt spray and SO2
Ball pressure Apparatus
Shakers: electrodynamic exciter 5,2 kN (vibration table 60 x 60 m2); hydraulic exciter 35,6 kN